Car Window Tinting Films

Professional Car Window Tinting Services London

Car Window tinting adds security, privacy and protection to your car, truck or van. A thin layer of premium quality, precision engineered vinyl is applied to the inside of the windows, offering 100% UV Protection keeping your interior from fading and protecting your passengers, as well as a choice of darkness to suit your needs.

– Completed in less than a couple of hours
– Maintenance free once fitted
– Long lasting, with a lifetime guarantee against fading or discolouring
– 100% UV Protection
– Adds anti-shatter qualities to the glass in the even of a breakage
– Choose from 5%, 20%, 35% & 70% shade options
– Reduced glare and increased privacy for better security
– Headlight and rear light tinting also available
– Skin protection – Recognised by the British Skin Foundation to reduce harm from the sun

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